Adhitya Kreshna has been in the field of drawing since he was a child. His drawing skills are constantly being developed. Until he decided to major in Visual Communication Design in 1997.

The year 2000 was the beginning of his career as an artist. Namely as a game animator. At that time about 3-4 years Adhitya Kreshna became an animator for animated games for education in Malang.

Artwork can be produced through anything, including coffee grounds or often called Cethe in the area where he originally lived, namely in the city of Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia.

Local culture and social criticism became his inspiration in making comics. Adhitya Kreshna always inserts moral messages in every comic he makes.

Adhitya Kreshna has been involved in painting and comics for more than ten years, making him never stop exploring himself. Until 2016, this resident of the city of Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia decided to open a coffee shop.

From there, he was interested in trying to paint using cethe. One of the reasons he started developing the art of painting was because he wanted to change the negative stigma of society regarding the nyethe habit.

Nyethe is a local culture to apply coffee grounds to cigarettes before starting to smoke.

According to Adhitya Kreshna, nyethe activities can be positive activities that can produce works of art.

“The nyethe and coffee activities are identical with men, smokers, who do not have clear activities. Even though cethe can also produce art,” said Adhitya Kreshna.